Image Consulting & Personal Branding

Your Personal Brand are critical soft skills that help you get noticed and promoted, and give you the edge in your social settings that only top performers have

What We Do

By the time you’ve scrolled to this point, and if I were a person you just met, you would have formed a pretty solid image of me. Judgey much? Not at all.

Image Consulting and your Personal Brand are critical soft skills that help you get noticed and promoted at work, and give you the edge in your social settings that few people have.

The ABCDEs of Image:
• Appearance: grooming and personal style
• Behaviour: body language, deportment and executive presence
• Communication: voice, tone, effective communication
• Digital presence: social media and online image
• Etiquette: Chinese/US, UK, AU cross-cultural etiquette

My Specialities:

  • Cross-cultural communication
  • Executive presence
  • Deportment and etiquette

How It Works

Image Consulting empowers everyday individuals to dress, walk and talk in a manner that truly expresses their values and individuality in their daily lives, as opposed to stylists who mainly work with celebrities on one-off events.

Working with an Image Consultant is exciting, as you discover what colours and styles makes you look younger and slimmer without extra effort in our busy schedules.

With all techniques, there is an emphasis on reflecting your values through your image so it is holistic and authentic. 


  • The Teaser: find your unique personal style and flair tailored to your proportions to effortlessly look and feel great everyday. Includes basic hair and make-up consulting.
  • The Executive: a holistic approach to the vital soft skill of executive presence and confidence through behaviour and communication (written, verbal, body language) to establish credibility and promotions/ new career.
  • The Traveller: having to travel or work with Americans, English or Australians and not fully grasping the cultural intricacies and work dynamics? We cover everything from how to stir your tea (you don’t!) to deportment and etiquette in corporate settings.


  • All sessions are 90 minutes for USD$288 (HKD$2,200) and are conducted via Zoom
  • 4 hour VIP Days also available

Please email if you are paying HKD.

Our Workshops

From effective 90 minute consultations to the ultimate 3 month package, we have something for you.

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Image Consulting & Personal Branding

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