Wardrobe Consulting

(The LIFE H System™ for Professional Organising & Productivity)

What would you do with an extra hour a week? Being organised has a multiplier effect on all the goodies in life – not to mention you’re more likely to get promoted if you are organised  


What We Do

We specialise in wardrobe organising for busy professional women like yourself. Your wardrobe is a vital element that links your professional and personal life. It’s also the first and last thing you see each day. If you’ve ever thought, “I don’t know what to wear” and get stressed about it, fear not!

The LIFE H System™ has helped countless people regain peace and create wardrobes they love.

As an internationally trained Professional Organiser, Image Consultant and Therapist, this is by far my clients’ favourite service as it integrates all three services (and passions) in one session!

The Glove Fits If You Have…

  • Tried countless ways to ‘get on top’ of organising your wardrobe but it still gets into a mess after a few weeks
  • You’re afraid of throwing out something that you might need again, will come back in fashion (it won’t), you are hoping to fit into one day or fill-in-the-blank.
  • Your wardrobe is actually the clothes rack in the living room because they’re… ‘hanging dry’ from last month

Why Us?

Traditional ways don’t work for wardrobes because it is too siloed. It’s not a matter of – ‘I haven’t worn this in 1-year’, so it goes for your favourite dress and an ugly keyring a colleague gave you. Considerations are more complex.

  • What is your image (personal brand) and how are your outfits reflecting your personality?
  • Do you know how to effortlessly mix & match outfits or are you just wearing the same pieces?
  • How come you find it so hard to let go of some pieces?
  • What system works without it falling apart again?

Call us for an obligation-free Discovery Call to see which service works for you.

How It Works

The LIFE H System™ has helped countless people regain peace and create wardrobes they love each and every day.

• L – Lightening Your Space

• I – Setting Your Intention and Plan

• F – Filling Your Space with Systems

• E – Edit Your Systems Often 

• H – Have Fun!

A typical wardrobe requires 4 hours+ to declutter, organise and clear the space. This largely depends on how big the wardrobe is, how many items of clothing there are and the pace at which each individual item is assessed.

I have found the assessment process (aka decluttering) takes the most time as it is an emotional journey. As a therapist, you are in safe hands and you will always be in control and your choices firmly respected. To save clients unnecessary clutter and wasted money, organising products are purchased after a session. There will be a few pieces that you might reminisce about after it’s gone, but as an image consultant, key considerations would have been made to part with certain pieces.

There are three different types of services we offer for every need. The DIY Game Plan and Supercharge sessions are redeemable with a VIP Day.


• DIY Game Plan (90min) | Comprehensive Consultation: organise your wardrobe at your own pace with the help of a tailored game plan from start to finish. There is accountability at the middle and end of the journey. Best for women who don’t know where and how to begin their organising journey, the 90 minutes will detail each step.

• Supercharge (60min) | Collaborative Consultation: most loved by our busy clients who need a supercharged 1 hour session to organise as much as they can side by side via Zoom. It’s amazing how much you can achieve when you have somebody in your corner!

• VIP Day (4hr) | Collaborative Consultation: gives those who need a bit more hand holding to have somebody leading, guiding and cheering you on side by side. We will organise the space and create systems in collaboration via Zoom. While all attempts are to complete the entire wardrobe, it will depend on the volume and pace of the individual. Fear not – there’ll be breaks in during this session!


  • 90 minute sessions @ USD$288 or HKD$2,200
  • 60 minute sessions @USD$200 or HKD$1,600
  • 4 hour sessions @ USD$800 or HKD$6,200 

All sessions are conducted via Zoom and organising products are at clients’ expense.

Please email hello@lifehabitsconsulting.com if you are paying HKD.

Janet was amazing at supporting me declutter two rooms and transform my wardrobe. She was so helpful and went above and beyond to ensure I got the most out of the process. Life changing! Highly recommended!

Pradhima S.

Living in Hong Kong, real estate is a premium and even though I was prepared to share a small wardrobe with my new husband, I had no idea that it would be so difficult. Since the birth of our son, I had to put half the clothes in our study and half in our bedroom wardrobe. It was a hassle to get ready in the morning.

We have a full-time housekeeper, but clean does NOT mean organised. When I found 5 pairs of the same trousers, I knew something had to change – and fast.

Life Habits Consulting has helped me assess my possessions, arrange items in easily accessible manner and I’m proud to say I am down to one wardrobe now, and getting ready to work is a breeze. Thank you!


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