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I’m Janet, the Principal Trainer of Life Habits Consulting Limited and creator of The LIFE H System™ to transform lives quickly and easily from the inside-out.

My team and I are passionate in empowering professionals to ‘have it all’ whether it’s a leadership role at work or confidence in general.

Our system has helped clients including HKEX listed corporations, blue chip multinationals and SMB/SMEs be more purposeful and productive in over 7 major cities including London, Los Angeles, Sydney and Hong Kong.

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Kind Words

It has been 10 years since my last interview. I was very nervous to interview for the Design Manager position at one of the largest corporations in the world.

Before my sessions with Janet from Life Habits Consulting Limited, I thought I had everything prepared for the interview and just needed some final touches to improve on my image. What I learnt at the end was way beyond my expectation! Janet taught me so much from how to improve my body language to tone of my voice/wording, executive presence and much more. Like Janet would say, only 30% of what you say matters.

I was offered a higher position - a Director role with extra pay at the end. I can’t recommend Janet enough and am SO grateful to the life changing work she does.

Kay T.

Architect, Hong Kong SAR, China

I came to Janet because I knew the real benefit and life changing power of what Janet had to offer and to power my personal life which would help me serve others in my professional life. Working with Janet completely blew my expectations away and Janet is incredibly passionate, professional and authentic. From the moment that I worked with her, I felt calm and in total confidence as Janet displayed her professional experience and I completed a full Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) program with her which rapidly targeted the areas in my life that were limiting my self confidence, and personal power.

Janet was able to use her unique ability to understand, help clarify and target my subconscious mind before guiding me to explore and input a new belief system that was exactly what I needed to change my life. As a result, because of these profound changes, I wake up everyday with confidence and been able to be present and grateful for my life and the people that I help in my professional career. My business has really taken off and I feel the difference. Thank you Janet! I highly recommend Janet to transform your life, in more ways than one.

Mark Needham

Professional Coach, New Zealand


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One of the most fulfilling things that Life Habits Consulting Limited does is to transform lives easily!  Most of the time, we can do this starting from our very own homes. I'm so honoured to have written this article for Australia's largest organising solutions...

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Decluttering Series – Momentos

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Decluttering Series – Bedding

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