Manage Your Mindset™: Mastermind for Business Owners

Get the loving support that you need to fall in love with your life again 

Why Join?

This is for you if you’re..

• Spinning running an online business and busy family

• Feeling flat and bleh and have forgotten what it feels to be vibrant and living with passion again

• Your business/ team is not supporting you and you are starting to resent it


And, you want to…

• Wake up feeling calm, confident, present and grateful

• Know your purpose and having a clear plan to get there

• Know that you’re making a difference

• You want to do things the easy way


Here’s What You’ll Get

Regardless of how many years in business you’ve been in, Manage Your Mindset™ can help. This is a private membership where busy parents cut down the learning time by focusing on breaking through self-sabotaging patterns to stop letting your business be a hobby but finally financially support you and your family.


No extra time, as we do laser focused co-working together on our big goals


Accountability and support to get you there faster, with less self-sabotaging


Using cutting-edge therapeutical modalities, we harness the power of your mind

Get Started Now

I manifested an amazing new job the very next day.

I was lucky enough to complete the mentoring individually with Janet, and I'm excited to see how much faster it would be in a group setting where our energy is enhanced in the group.

During the process, I found more time and freedom as I decluttered things that I didn't have. It wasn't as painful as I thought, because Janet had so many ideas as to what to do with them, that I felt happy and liberated from them. I made some extra cash by selling it, but what gets me really excited is to feel like I'm growing into a new person!

Candy Cook

Hong Kong SAR, China

I'm dating again after being a few sessions with Janet using The LIFE H System™.

Initially, I came to Life Habits Consulting, because an old colleague got a job through her using image consulting techniques and communication to be more confident and express myself better - I was reaching for a more senior management role.

Yes, I was taught the executive presence needed, but now I just feel more confident, happy and at peace. 

I'm surprised with a few simple shifts in my space and thinking, things can flow into my life so easily. I didn't believe in energy and manifesting, because I thought it was too 'out there', but Janet's system uses the science of our subconscious mind and works with my faith to increase cooperation with God.

Alicia A.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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