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Do you want more time, space and mental clarity to stop working in your business to on your business.

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BUSINESS SUCCESS: Breakthrough Stress And Self-Sabotage

TUESDAY, August 8, 2023

4:00-5:30pm Los Angeles

7:00-8:30pm New York

*Back by popular demand – bring your loved ones live, as there will be no replays!*

• Feeling stressed out about money, kids, business or just life?
• Are you distracted from doing the real work that moves your business forward?
• Is your health and mental sharpness suffering from poor sleep?

If you’ve answered YES to any of these, know that you’re not alone.

• Identify and understand what stress is to you, your nervous system and brain
• Awareness of the triggers for stress and overwhelm
• Deep meditation (Jungian psychotherapy and hypnotherapy) to breakthrough stress and self-sabotage
• Sharpen your mentality to hit your 2023 goals out of the park
• Experience and learn the Stress Reset exercise to instantly feel calm and at peace

If you want to make 2023 yet, then RSVP.

What people have said:
“Wow, I feel so much lighter and like a weight has been lifted off my right shoulder that I carried for 20 years.”
“Wow, that was amazing, you’re truly changing lives!”
“Janet and her system has helped me unlock my creativity and make the real shifts in my life.”


Janet Tse is the Director and Principal Trainer at Life Habits Consulting Ltd. She is also known as The LIFE Happiness™ Consultant and is a multi-certified Professional Organiser, Image Consultant and Hypnotherapist. She holds an MBA and trained in the most cutting-edge modalities including Jungian psychotherapy, NLP and coaching skills.

The innovative The LIFE H System™ has been used to trained over 400 businesses across the globe to transform the lives of their employees from the inside-out quickly. Corporate clients include stock-listed companies to start ups to have the right tools for success.

Her clientele includes leaders of multinationals and busy professionals to help them wake up everyday, with the confidence, knowing that they’re on the right life’s path.

Along with her team, they are passionate about helping clients wake up everyday with more confidence, presence and gratitude using The LIFE H System™

Kind Words & Results

I manifested an amazing new job the very next day.

I was lucky enough to complete the mentoring individually with Janet, and I'm excited to see how much faster it would be in a group setting where our energy is enhanced in the group.

During the process, I found more time and freedom as I decluttered things that I didn't have. It wasn't as painful as I thought, because Janet had so many ideas as to what to do with them, that I felt happy and liberated from them. I made some extra cash by selling it, but what gets me really excited is to feel like I'm growing into a new person!

Candy Cook

Hong Kong SAR, China

I'm dating again after being a few sessions with Janet using The LIFE H System™.

Initially, I came to Life Habits Consulting, because an old colleague got a job through her using image consulting techniques and communication to be more confident and express myself better - I was reaching for a more senior management role.

Yes, I was taught the executive presence needed, but now I just feel more confident, happy and at peace. 

I'm surprised with a few simple shifts in my space and thinking, things can flow into my life so easily. I didn't believe in energy and manifesting, because I thought it was too 'out there', but Janet's system uses the science of our subconscious mind and works with my faith to increase cooperation with God.

Alicia A.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Personal & Professional Development Groups

Personal Development

BOLD Goals Virtual Workshop Programme – 2020

BOLD Goals Circles offers a unique space for women to connect with themselves and each other through a series of monthly workshops and inspiration sessions. We focus on dreaming big, creating plans and then going out there and making it happen, all with the amazing support and accountability provided within a wonderful group of like-minded women.

2020 will be our 4th year running in London (7th year in Oxford where we originally started as the New Year’s Resolution Club), and over the years we have seen huge success with women returning again and again – we’d love you to be part of the energy and excitement within this programme.

Our members find this is an excellent way to build and maintain connection with women across the city, and build in time and space to focus on your plans, whether determining what you want to do next in life, support if you are feeling isolated when running or own business, or just to gain a healthy dose of inspiration and motivation each month!

The format and structure of the BOLD Goals Circles programme means that you will benefit from:

Accountability: By committing to be with us for a year and accountability to your classmates through monthly meetups, you are more likely to stick to your promises and goals.

Structure and inspirational, relevant content: Each of our monthly sessions is structured as a group coaching session, with a check in on progress against your goals and a check out with commitments for the month ahead. This provides accountability but also gives you visibility (and a reminder!) of your own progress, successes, and learnings along the way. The main bulk of each meeting will be driven by our inspiration themes. Our annual programme is structured by those themes each month, which are tied into the flow of the year, and drawn from our experience in working with women setting goals over the course of a year. The themes are relevant to the key challenges and priorities we have today, from setting intention and delving into motivation at the start of the year, to exploring our impact and pondering our connection in the middle, to reflecting on gratitude and celebration towards the end of the year. You will be challenged and inspired with reflection exercises and discussion to connect you, and others in the group with the theme, and use it to enrich your day to day lives.

Peer support: One of the most powerful aspects of our programme is the variety of women who come along. A wide range of experiences and backgrounds ensures that the conversations, ideas, and networks you are gaining access to is rich and exceptionally valuable. You could meet your next business partner or running buddy – or both!

A supportive and encouraging environment: We believe in the power of women coming together and exploring ideas, as well as learning and supporting each other. All our sessions are delivered in a safe and confidential environment where you are encouraged to stretch your comfort zone where appropriate and speak openly and freely without judgment.

2020 Programme:

JAN – Intention, FEB – Motivation, MAR – Explore, APR – Connection, MAY – Impact, JUN – Wild, JUL – Create, AUG – Pause, SEP – Energise, OCT – Harvest/ Nurture, NOV – Gratitude, DEC – Celebration

BOLD Goals – Hong Kong, will resume in 2022.

Professional Development

Hong Kong Professional Development Group

As busy professionals, the first thing we think of is, how to make the most out of work and life. This group is dedicated to help high-calibre professionals in Asia to get noticed and promoted easily.

Who Should Join: English speaking professionals in managerial positions working in Hong Kong and Asia to share in a collaborative, intimate, relaxed and supportive environment.

What Is The Group About: We will talk about topics related to professional life from management, productivity, wellbeing, work-life balance, working as an expat and anything in between.

What To Expect:

• There’s an overwhelming amount of information on the internet and sometimes you might not know where to start, let alone implement it! This group is about helping people implement small habits that make a disproportionate difference in their lives.

• Each event is an efficient one-hour, giving you a wholistic approach to habit changes; understanding key skills, implementation support and accountability.

• What is discussed will remain in the group. This includes but not limited to content of discussion and attendees.

• Kindness and active listening towards other members.

• Being challenged to grow and learn in a supportive environment.

• Sales or pitching is not permitted.


Principal Trainer of Life Habits Consulting Limited:

Janet Tse is the Principal Trainer of Life Habits Consulting Limited and is an international corporate speaker and trainer for professional development. Along with her team, they specialise in cross-cultural communication, executive coaching, productivity and personal branding. They serve clients in over 7 major cities including London, Los Angeles, Sydney and Hong Kong. Their clientele include c-suite executives and HKEX listed corporations. Life Habits Consulting Limited‘s out-of-the-box system has transformed dozens of client’s lives quickly and easily to get noticed and promoted in a global market.

She is an internationally trained consultant and holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the innovative University of Technology, Sydney, Australia. In her corporate career, she worked for over 10 years in Sydney, Hong Kong and Shanghai to curate well loved brands that sell. She is a highly energetic trainer who relentlessly empowers clients to keep stepping up to the best version of themselves in creative ways of thinking to be consistently ahead of the curve.


Past Workshops

Personal Development

Declutter & Organise Your Wardrobe Workshop

Organise Your Wardrobe Workshop

Energy Management & Setting Priorities – Ways to Achieve Your Goals Faster

Professional Organising – Creating More Time With Effective Systems

Making the Most Use Out of Your Time – Energy Management vs Time Management

Professional Development

First Impressions Matter for Professional Men

Leadership & Influence Workshop

Visual Impact – Creativing Lasting First Impressions for Men

Visual Impact – Creating Lasting First Impressions for Women

Speaking & Training

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