Do you remember as a kid you dreamt of growing up, having a job, having responsibilities and perks of adulthood?

Now, probably all you want to do is be a kid again.

During our personal development journey, it is common to ‘regress’. By regress, I mean going back to being a child, and not have to take responsibility — responsibility for our lives, our decisions, and reaping the full rewards or not of them. It’s easy to stay in this mode, until we break out of it.

So, now that we are older and hopefully wiser, how do we navigate the perils of adulthood without retreating to infancy through addictions, whether it be over socialising, working, substance abuse or other forms of numbing behaviour?

The first step is to create a safe space for your mind, body and soul.

The second step is to lighten the load to the disappointment, anger, sadness and other related emotions.

The third step is integration of the heart, head and hands. Until we are able to live out our lives in alignment of these, we will forever be disconnected and wonder why we are always tired and frustrated.

How often do you regress with numbing behaviour? Drop it in the comments below.