With more time at home, let’s start with assessing our towels.

How many towels do you need? Is it different in big cities like Hong Kong or NYC with smaller linen cupboards?

I have two body towels in the same colour (in white, good if I need to bleach them but just a hack for me to feel like I’m at a fancy spa 🥰), one matching face towel and one microfibre head towel.

I’m experimenting doing without the foot towel. It worked all year around in the dry weather of Sydney. So far, it’s ok for Hong Kong, but gets really humid in the warmer months, so I’m left with a foot towel that’s unused for dryer months – wasted space and needs maintaining so it doesn’t get mouldy.

Then, two hand towels and one towel to wipe water marks, toothpaste stains and spills.

What can I minimise? I can use the body towel as the head towel so one less. And if I wipe the soles of my feet in the shower, I *could* get rid of the foot towel all together – but I like soaking my toes on a dry towel!!

Onto the little bench towel. I can use the hand towel for those little water marks and a used cotton round for my toner for stains and spills since I’m all about efficiency and don’t want to be removing a darn stain on that fancy hand towel. Well, it’s sustainable-ish too. There you go. One more towel minimised.

Pro tip: I wipe down stains, spills, the top of a few bottles so there’s no dust with that used cotton round. If it’s my face is super dirty… well it gets tossed directly!

We’re at 2-3 towels minimised for a typical bathroom now.

For rotations, can I just use one body towel and wash it weekly? And if it doesn’t dry in the humid weather?

Microfibre travel sized ones are quick to dry and I feel like I’m drying the car. So, let’s stick with one full sized body towel.

As for the hand towel? It does need a rotation for hygiene reasons as it gets washed more than once a week.

Oh, a sneaky one I use outside of the bathroom. An old ugly towel to line my bed when Aunt-Flo visits. THAT stays.

How about you? How many towels do you have?

If you’re committed to decluttering and organising this year, say YES in the comments! ❤️