Being the best that you can be, can often be a load of fluff that doesn’t really mean anything. Having been in the professional and personal development industry for close to 20 years, I’d love to share some nuggets to truly step into your best self – quickly.

Goal setting is overrated

Often times, at the beginning of the year, we will set our goals with all the gusto to lose 20kg by June, by going to the gym 5 times a week. Sure. That lasted for… 2 weeks! Goal setting is overrated, even if we were to write them down, which helps with us actually achieving them, but when we set goals purely as a reaction to society, work, family pressures, we unknowingly buy into goals that are not aligned to us.

So the cure? 

Get to know thyself.

When we do inner work to know, love and accept ourselves, we will no longer be in reaction to others. Then, and only then will our goals be truly an expression of our inner desires.

Sharing your story

Whilst there is a place to share and express your unique story, a lot of the time (and I will get backlash from this), is the author’s way to say that they are right, they exist and they matter with the intention to create division instead of connection through empathy. Thus, the content in which they are actually sharing is a largely self-serving expression to gain affirmation from others. It does not add true value to others to help them grow, mature and take personal responsibility. 


Focus on thyself.

We cannot control what others think, do or say, so get into the habit of looking inward before liking, sharing or commenting on others. Look for ways to grow and expand independent of others and when you are ready, share your learnings with a group who you resonate with. 

Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries

As we are collectively becoming more conscious, there is increasing talk about boundaries. Sadly, I have seen this taken to the extreme where people have become anything from rude to cruel in the name of their own boundaries. 

What’s next?

Kindness to yourself and to others. We cannot have solid boundaries when we don’t know what healthy boundaries are. In the course, we will have strong healthy boundaries with others that are truly kind. Kindly set and maintained.


If you’d like to have a conversation and brainstorm ideas on how to implement these and other holistic leadership skills into your life, please book a Brainstorming Mastermind Session with me.

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash